“A man’s reach must exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” -Browning

These are a few of my favorite friends! Chemistry is key!

Most of these ladies are available in their cities or when we cross paths while touring! Of course, there is always the FMTY option!

Laila Libertine Los Angeles



Oh my, what can I say about my friend Laila? Chemistry, passion, beauty, fire, intrigue; a true enigma. I can spend hours talking to Laila about many things; she is well traveled, funny, and one of my most favorite people on the planet! She is a modern day Helen of Troy mixed in with a true Renaissance woman. I feel privileged to know her.  I absolutely adore her and know you will too.

Kali Gail Phoenix/Scottsdale



Oh Kali, one of my greatest friends! She is a beautiful blonde spitfire! She is exciting, you never know what will happen once you enter door. She will always make you laugh and is unapologetically herself. Her magnetism will draw you in, as it did me, and make you never want to leave! My favorite part about Kali? How she is one of the kindest people I have met with a huge heart! aka I love her to pieces!

Alyx Chicago (the one true Alyx to rule them all)



Oh how do I love Alyx? Let me count the ways! Beautiful, kinky, funny, FUN, exciting, and did I mention fun? Alyx is one of my favorite people! She is extremely fit, sensual, intelligent, and always makes me laugh! Everytime I go to Chicago, I look forward to seeing my amazing friend! She is truly a one of a kind! Also, she is good with ropes, knots, and a bit of Dominatrix thrown in; she is the full package!

Ms Ayla Cruz Toronto

Tour & FMTY

Coming soon!

Coming Soon! Until then, enjoy this picture of a mountain!

Jade Capri Reno/Tahoe/Worldwide


Jade Capri your Brazilian Beauty and Travel Companion

Jade is a one in a million type woman, I feel honored to know her! When Jade walks into the room she turns heads! She is tall, curves in all the right places, and is a Brazilian Bombshell! Don’t be scared of the killer curves, she is one of the kindest people I have ever met; she is a philanthropist.

Plus she and I did a podcast that you can listen to here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ltwjc02-an-intimate-talk-with-cara-vaughn/id600152890?i=1000416498275

Amelie Bacall SF, NYC, Park City



Amelia is a beautiful and very accomplished young lady. She is an avid skier (Park City- Lake Tahoe anyone?). This year she will be my partner in crime when we go explore some new ski resorts we have not been to! (I just hope I can keep up!) She is a woman after my own heart; she is a classic, a throw back to the Lauren Bacall days. Her beauty will never go out of style. She is a sweetheart and someone who I am excited to have on my trail buddies page!

Kylie Taylor  Seattle


I adore Kylie! She is highly intelligent, very beautiful, and has an adventurous spirit. She is a total sweetheart and is basically the all American girl! I love all the time I get to spend with my Seattle based sweetheart!

Sophia Skye SF-Worldwide

Tour & FMTY

Welcome | Sophia Skye Discreet Travel Companion

I adore Sophia! She is a lovely redhead with heart of gold. She also loves climbing and the outdoors! She is fun to be around, beautiful, very intelligent, sensual, and total dynamite packed into a petite package! She is another intriguing young lady and there is more than meets the eye.

Stella Bardot Phoenix/Scottsdale/worldwide

Tour and FMTY


Stella brings to mind Brigitte Bardot; she is well named. She is a beautiful tall drink of water. I have so many adjectives that come to mind when I think about her! She is well traveled, a true sweetheart, beautiful inside and out, and a dog lover! To be friends with me, one must love dogs! The first time we ever met we went to the dog park to pet other people’s dogs because we were missing ours! I can not say enough good things about Stella! One of a kind, extremely beautiful, and a body that doesn’t quit!

Anabelle Scott LA/SF/FMTY


Anabelle is someone who is absolutely stunning (seriously, go to her website)! She and I have yet to cross paths (wrong cities at the wrong time) but this is something that I am planning on changing. She has a beautiful spirit, everyone who knows her gushes about her, and I am looking forward to future rendezvous withe this vixen!

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