The Climbing Courtesan


“It’s quarter to three
There’s no-one in the place
‘Cept You and me.
So set ’em up Joe,
I’ve got a little story
I think you should know”


Hello there and welcome to my page! I shall do my best to put a taste of my personality into words, while keeping brevity in mind. You could say that I am an “old soul” and many people do. However, if you ask me, I just march to the beat of my own drum (or John Williams Midway March, depends on the day).

 I am not glamorous, effortlessly elegant, or highly sophisticated. I am a woman who has refined, yet simple taste and I am well traveled. I enjoy shorter meals and longer walks. I am an introvert and prolonged exposure to crowds of people (operas and the symphony are the exception) tend to wear me down whereas being outdoors running a trail tends to breathe the life back into me. I love discussions that make me think. I also enjoy humor, laughing is one of my favorite things to do. I tend to have a very dry sense of humor and I speak sarcasm just fluently enough to not be a total dolt.

I think a diverse portfolio of interests keeps life interesting.  Mine tend to be centered on being outdoors- climbing, running, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, ad nauseum. My other interests include, but are not limited to, classical music, literature, economics, philosophy, spaghetti westerns, Tom Lehrer, reading, science, and learning new things. I have been labeled a “Renaissance Woman” on occasion, but I must assure you, I am not wonder woman. I have a wide body of knowledge, I can hold a semi-intelligent conversation on occasion, I enjoy doing many things but a savant I am not.

There are three ingredients to make an encounter one in a million: fire, passion, and an ingredient that is not easily put in writing, but you know it when you find it. My aim is to make our encounter one that you will never forget; whether we meet but once, or we form a lasting dalliance. The sky is the limit to the adventures that we can have. I may not fit inside the mold, but what is life if you do not take a step beyond the pale once in a while.

I am not the woman who will not set sail to a thousand ships, but a woman who will take you on an adventure that you will never forget. After all, sweet dreams are made of these.

Cara Vaughn

The Climbing Courtesan

Favorite movie right now: “Once Upon a Time in the West” just saying.

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