“It’s a quarter to three”

“There’s no one in the place ‘cept you and me…”

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website! It is incredibly hard to put my personality into a few simple paragraphs but I will do my best. I find that I am always at odds with myself: passionate, yet pragmatic. When we meet, you will either find yourself consumed with passion (or logic) as soon as you walk through my door, or I through yours! While I am not the woman who will set sail to a thousand ships, I am the tenacious woman who will give you an adventure that you will never forget!


I do fit into the cliche ‘old soul’ box, but don’t let that fool you, I only say “back in my day” thrice a day now. I love the classics and romantics: music, philosophy, literature, and people! My nature tends to be relaxed; I have found that there is no reason to always “feel like a christian scientist with appendicitis”-thank you Tom Lehrer.

I am in my element when I am outdoors, it is my happy place. I would love to share an adventure with you. The most exhilarating feeling in the world is to summit a mountain, complete a backpacking trip (oh god, now we have to drive home?), or climb a frozen waterfall. It makes no difference if you are someone who is well versed in the outdoors, a beginner, or wanting to get back into it after a prolonged period of time; let’s make some memories! The best thing about accomplishing a personal goal, is that nobody can take it away from you. Material things come and go but an experience is forever. Yes, I do think I just ripped off the James Bond franchise.

Humor is a wonderful part of life and I do love to laugh! I always enjoy a quick witted comeback- not my own, those usually pop into my brain two hours after the fact. I am notoriously bad at telling jokes, but, at 31, I have accepted that I will never successfully be able to tell a joke. Such is life.

I am not purely outdoor oriented though, I do love a romantic date in the city! I am a social chameleon and I am comfortable in any setting, but have a preference for hole in the wall restaurants. I enjoy cognac once in a while but I do not drink to excess. I like to be dressed appropriately for the occasion: I am happy to wear a dress and heels or jeans and a tank top!

I have a low tolerance for nonsense, as in: no nonsense. We are a reflection of the company that we keep.

Until then,

Cara Vaughn
The Climbing Courtesan

“and one more for the road….”

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