• Do not ask me to spend time with you “off the clock”.
  • Do not negotiate rates or screening. There is “no other way” for screening. My screening requirements are listed on my contact page.
  • Do not ask if I offer -explicit acronym- general questions are welcome but I am not a review board checklist.
  • On that note, please do not write reviews about me.
  • Do not over stay our time together; if you would like to stay longer, come prepared.
  • Understand that I do not offer grandfathered rates or platonic rates.

General Facts:

  • I love men and women either together or separate.
  • I enjoy couples, please note that I must have communication from both parties and screening for both parties. 
  • I do have friends that I would be happy to bring along or I would be happy to meet one of your favorite providers!
  • I am new client friendly.
  • My photos are recent, but for the most up to date pictures, check out my Twitter or Instagram.
  • Our time together is between us, no photos, no videos, and no reviews!
  • I do not imbibe often, but once in while I may indulge with you. Please do not arrive intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance.
  • I am happy to any wardrobe requests that I currently own. If I do not own the requested attire, please either provide a gift card or I will be happy to provide you with my sizes.
  • I love to get dressed up, but please understand that I like to keep my clothing appropriate to the occasion and the venue.


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