Expeditions and Adventures

Please note that I can not place a price on these packages until further discussion. Some of these activities take time for planning and preparation. I do offer a discount for these activities since they are my favorite things to do!



Let’s go climbing! Joshua Tree? Red Rock Canyon? Smith Rocks? Tuolumne Meadows? I would love to go climbing for a couple days and get rid of the stress and mess of a city! I love climbing. Depending upon skill level, I am happy to climb with a guide service for newbies (currently working on getting certified as a single pitch instructor) or go out with advanced level climbers solo!  

Ice Climbing

I am obsessed with ice climbing! It is one of my favorite activities. I am still a novice but this winter I plan on spending some serious time in Ouray and Lee Vining with instructors; I hope you will accompany with me for some fun on the ice and some R&R in a hot tub.



Running is one of my favorite exercises! It did not come naturally to me at first (hated and dreaded every second of it) but then, I fell in love. I have completed over 14 marathons, 4 half marathons, 3 50ks, as well as countless hours just running on a trail. I would love to share my passion and complete a race or a casual run with you! I am happy to do any run from a 5k-50k, trail or road, and I am fine with any elevation gain or loss.

I am happy to run with you and be your biggest cheerleader!

Want to do a run outside of the box? Consider running the Wonderland Trail with me! It will be a tough grind, but the reward will be worth it!


Now you’re speaking my language! I have some experience on big mountains and I am definitely ready to go on a expedition! Whitney in the winter? Rainier? Shasta? Denali? Cotopaxi? The Matterhorn? The Eiger? The sky is the limit!

Yes, this is a photo of Kanchengjunga (special photo taken just for me), but a girl can dream right?

Hiking and Backpacking


I spend a lot of time outdoors. I have completed the Pacific Crest Trail in one go and I am well versed in the backcountry. I am not afraid of any challenge, so, let’s go!

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