The Climbing Courtesan

Fire. Adrenaline. Passion.

I am the far off adventure you’ve been dreaming of – care to wander beyond the pale? I believe there is nothing more powerful than the raw beauty of a jagged peak. Nothing man-made could ever compare to standing on the summit. Why do we want to climb these mountains? To me, a summit is a goal completed, a desire fulfilled, and the next step in my journey. I just answer to the call of the wild.

I am not the life of the party, and I am not the woman who will set sail to a thousand ships. However, I am the woman who believes in beauty, soul, and passion. I am a woman who thinks that we should never be content to take things at face value – there is so much to learn and explore! Unless we impose it upon ourselves, we can never satiate our thirst for knowledge. What is life without knowledge, and passion without inquisitiveness?

While I hold impressive degrees from elite institutions, my mind is not defined by pieces of paper. I’m also interested in philosophy, finance, politics, physics, equestrianism, literature, mathematics, nature, medicine, art, and history. I take great enjoyment in classical music (Brahms is my favorite), hiking, running, and backpacking – after all, I am the climbing courtesan!

I could extol my physical virtues to you, but by now, you like what you see. Simply, I’m a carnal creature who delights in the Epicurean pursuits of knowledge. I believe in chivalry and old-fashioned romance. I have an old soul, a wanderer’s spirit, and an insatiable passion for life. I believe seduction begins in the mind, and what follows is best left to the imagination. That is, until we meet.

Behind closed doors, we are all adventurers. Let us forge our own path.

Cara Vaughn