Do you see XYZ?

I do not discriminate against anyone for anything. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and I believe we all have something to offer. Men and women are wonderful and I enjoy being around both!

Can I negotiate on your screening?

No. The only interest I have in your information is to make sure that you are safe and that we will have a lovely time!

Will you bring a second provider?


Do you see couples?

I adore couples; both parties must be screened, though. I don’t believe in surprising a significant other with a threesome.

Will you send me a face picture?

No, I take my privacy very seriously, as I do yours.

Do you allow filming or photos?

This is a case by case basis.

Do you take dress requests?

Yes, I do!

Can we spend time together outside of your working hours?

No, at this moment in time, I can only commit to dates where my time is compensated.

Can I bring an alcoholic beverage?

You may of course! I do ask that you do not over indulge. I will not partake with you. It’s very rare that you will see me have a drink.